What We Do
Design Is In the Details

You want to live in a home that’s designed around the most important thing: you. As a pioneer in residential home designs with over 40 years of industry experience, we offer you a personalized service, taking your ideas and creating a design that works for your lifestyle. You’ll live and thrive with our creative solutions.

What We Do
Inner-City Homes
Infills are housing developments located in Calgary’s most exciting and sought-after inner-city communities. We create personalized plans that blend with established communities.
Row House
Space doesn't have to dictate style. We work with developers to assist in the design and rendering of beautiful, high-quality multi-family dwellings within the city and out in the suburbs.
Estate Homes & Acreages
Maximize the potential of your land with our personalized home designs. We’ve worked on large estates across Southern Alberta and into BC, creating exclusive designs solutions.
Vacation Homes
We’ll design a vacation home that truly encompasses your “holiday” lifestyle. From Canmore to the Columbia Valley, embrace peace and relaxation the way you want it with us.
Let’s Bring Your Dream Home to Life

It’s time you have a home that fits the family instead of the family fitting the home. Our designers will create layouts that fit every family member’s lifestyle, enhancing comfort and convenience for all.

  • Full Custom Home Design

  • Development Permit Drawings and Applications

  • Construction/Building Permit Drawings

  • Development Approvals for New Communities

  • Large Addition/Renovation Drawings

  • Backyard & Carriage Home Design and Drawings

  • Acreage Site Design


We successfully take property designs through the complicated land-use re-designation process. We assess your property for potential development options. Using our Bylaw expertise we can see pitfalls and provide solutions to maximize the property to its full potential. We function as your agent in working with planners, City council, planning commissions and Community associations.

  • ‘Duplex’ or Semi-Detached Home design

  • Row house and Town House Design

  • Land Use Re-Designation

  • Development Approval

  • Construction/Tender/Building Permit Drawings

  • Co-ordination with Engineers and Surveyors

Custom Home Builders

We have 30 years of experience providing Show Home design and new plan development. We are able to function as in-house designers or as a preferred design studio. Our approach is simple: we take your vision and create a detailed and precise design, utilizing ‘best practice’ methods that enhance lifestyle efficiency while reducing costly errors in the field. This leads to a smooth construction experience for all builders.

  • In-Studio Design Review Conveniently Located in Inglewood

  • Custom Design

  • Construction Approvals

  • Development Permits

  • Co-ordination with Engineers and Surveyors