Inner City Homes & Infill Designs in Calgary

Dream Home. Dream Location.

Thrive and live in Calgary’s most exciting and sought-after communities with New Century Design. As innovators in infill design in Calgary, we can create inspirational, personalized plans that fit the established communities within the inner city. You’ll get to have the home you’ve always dreamed of in the location you need.

We Believe in Transformations

Our design philosophy to infill homes is to consider the bigger picture. The rooms within the house, the house within the property, the property within the neighbourhood. Only by taking a wider look can you see the best solutions for the design challenges you’re facing. We help take a property in an established community, redesign and reimagine it before integrating it into the fabric of the street. This philosophy ensures that we only create homes that fit with homeowners’ lifestyles while elevating the quality of the neighbourhood.

Innovative Infill Designs in Calgary

Functional designs provide solutions for your specific lifestyle

Inspiration and creativity help our home designers maximize the use of both interior and exterior space to transform these infills into personalized creations that suit your unique lifestyle.

Modern elements bring new life to established communities

By making better use of existing infrastructure, promoting Calgary's green spaces, and allowing better access to inner-city amenities, we assist in growing these established communities by bringing a modern touch.

Experienced designers can eliminate constraints in the design

Our forward-thinking solutions inspire us to create drawings and floor plans that facilitate functional use of space and provide an optimal home for you and your family.

Our Approach to Infill Designs in Calgary

1. Introduction

We invite you to have a friendly discussion about your desired infill designs. A site visit will allow us to identify creative features while assessing the neighbourhood.

2. Layout Design

We’ll create concept sketches and layouts based on your lifestyle. From there, ongoing consultation, revisions, and alterations will achieve a harmonious floor plan that fits your family's needs.

3. Exterior Design

We finalize design details while commencing the sketches and concepts for your exterior modelling until you’re satisfied with the result.

4. Development Approval

Our designers have extensive experience and knowledge in submitting specific infill development permits. We navigate community guidelines and bylaws, meeting all requirements to gain approval.

5. Construction Drawings

Construction drawings are completed with structural considerations, electrical layouts, dimensioning, materials and important infill Building Code information. We’ll work with you and your builders to commence construction.