Our Process
The Best Homes Begin With Intuitive Designs

Having your vision on paper will ensure that you get the classic or contemporary styles and stylistic elements that best fit your family’s needs and lifestyle, ensuring that they are built to their exact specifications. A “design-first” approach can streamline the construction processes, secure permits and approvals, and result in a home completely designed around you and your family.

Our 4- Step Custom Design Process

1. Introduction

Get your design off to the right start. We converse about your lifestyle and schedules and how a new design can improve both. We review your site, its conditions, challenges, and opportunities while discussing the proposed design in detail during the walkthrough, covering every aspect of what you want and need.

2. Layout Design

We start the concept design of the main levels of the home, using 3D views and 2D drawings to showcase your vision. We believe that collaboration is key, so we’ll reflect and communicate with you throughout this stage, working through concept revisions until the floor plan is perfect in your eyes.

3. Exterior Design

Your home’s exterior has a significant impact on people’s expectations. We’ll make sure they’ll align by providing a concept for your home’s exterior, using 3D models and images to bring it to life. We work within Community Guidelines or City or County Bylaws, ensuring your plan meets requirements to gain approval.

4. Permit Drawings

The final piece of the puzzle. We finalize the Construction Drawings by adding exterior materials and interior details while simultaneously submitting building and development permits, including information from traders and suppliers. Once approved, we’ll coordinate with you and your builders so your project can proceed - and your dream home gets built!