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Live in your dream home with New Century Design. As award-winning home designers in Calgary, our visionary approach to intuitive, forward-thinking designs instantly elevates your lifestyle while enhancing your home’s quality, functionality and value. Embrace the versatility and imagination you deserve with our innovative and collaborative design experience. 

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Live in a home that’s made for the most important person: you. At New Century Design, our approach to home design isn’t to cookie-cutter the latest trends and supplant them into your layouts. We’re about individuality and uniqueness, and nothing epitomizes that more than your lifestyle. Our team will strive to understand what you want in a home, both functionally and aesthetically, and build on them. Our Calgary home designers will form and fit creative designs that are made for your lifestyle. 

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What We Do
Design is where every project begins. By continuously collaborating with you, we set about creating drafts that represent your ideal home, highlighting both functionality and aesthetic appeals. We use advanced design software that allows us to create detailed 3D renderings, design massings, and interactive floor plans that provide you with a clear insight into how we’ll merge your home, lifestyle and needs into one innovative design.
Construction Documents
For us, constructing your dream home means providing your builders with immaculate, accurate and detailed documents that streamline the construction. Our finalized construction drawings contain the essentials of your design: power source locations, ceiling and floor plans, contemporary features, specifications for size and space, and all other essentials. Most importantly, it highlights the relationship of how all these features sync together to create your unique home.
Permitting & Approvals
Putting together permits and applications for land use upgrades, developments and infills can be complex, time-consuming and overly detailed, considering the pinpoint information required. We mitigate all these hassles by assisting you with all residential permit applications. Our expertise and knowledge on getting building permits successfully accepted means we simplify your construction process, making it easier to build the home you want.
Site Assessments
Every custom home design starts with a site assessment. They’re crucial to understanding the parameters, land use requirements and allowances, and potential challenges, such as slope stability, streetscape compatibility and access problems we face when designing. Gathering these preliminary measurements and details allows us to get an accurate understanding of what we’re working on and how we can create a design that works for you and your family.

Our 4-Step Custom Design Process

1. Introduction

Contact us via phone or email to set up an initial consultation. During this session, we’ll converse about your vision, lifestyles and needs, while simultaneously setting up a site visit, allowing us to work within your home’s opportunities and limitations, be it in Canmore or the Columbia Valley.

2. Layout Design

We commence your design by putting your vision onto paper, showcasing how we’ll merge your home and ideas. We will pause, reflect, and communicate throughout this entire stage to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

3. Exterior Design

Using detailed 3D models and images, we help you visualize your home’s exterior, finalizing the concept until you’re happy. Working within Community Guidelines or City Bylaws, we’ll ensure your design meets any restrictive requirements while still adhering to your vision.

4. Permit Drawings

As we finalize the construction documents, we will begin filing permit and development applications with the respective authorities. Upon approval, we will coordinate with you and your builders, handing off the essential documents, so your builders can proceed with your construction.